To play the part, you have to also dress the part. It would be uncommon to see a person dressed to the nines performing a heavy metal song. Now you would think it is shallow to judge people based on their look. But you would be more saddened to know that people judge the way you look.

People either want to stand out in the way they look or assimilate generic piece of clothing to look like one of the crowd. It is possible to stand out while looking at the part. You don’t have to look like everyone else. Just know the general template of hip-hop style clothing to experiment with your looks.

Once you know what the elements of hip-hop artist clothing are, you will be able to figure out what works the best for you. It is possible to look relatable while looking different. In the end, it is your music that counts.

Here are the things that you need to know about hip-hop fashion.

Baggy top

You can go for baggy basketball jerseys, loose t-shirts or polo shirts. Now you have a lot of option to include what goes into your t-shirts and jerseys.

Baggy bottoms

Get baggy jeans to suit the hip-hop style clothing. Make sure you incorporate a belt in the outfit else you risk the chance of falling face forward. You wouldn’t want your jeans to get stuck in somewhere and embarrass yourself.

Get a jacket

Varsity jacket or hoodies go well with the hip hop artist clothing.

Choose a hat and bandana

Some go only with a hat, some only wear a bandana. And some wear both. You can incorporate these items of accessory the way you want.

Get the bling on

Wearing jewelry is a big scene in hip-hop fashion. Go for the maximum bling as possible. You can get grills for your teeth, you can get heavy necklace and chains of precious metals, you can wear rings that sparkles, anything!

Get your big shades on

Get the best and comfy sneakers on as well along with it. Your shades shouldn’t be loose, it should only be big enough for your frame.

These are the things that form the basic template of a hip-hop artist. You can explore more hip-hop artists and incorporate their style into your daily wear. It is okay to experiment till you feel a particular style is your style. Find hip-hop style clothing that suits you here.