MrWalkinLick better known by his stage names MrWalkinLick, KING or K.I., is an African American rapper from Miami, Florida. After the release of his song “Splashing On Purpose”, in October 2019, KING became a viral internet meme and consequently, an internet sensation due to his unique style of rapping.

Early Life and education

MrWalkinLick was born in Miami, Florida. MrWalkinLick grew up in the heart of the City of Miami. He attended several schools before he finally moved in with his mother in North Miami. His father on the other hand was a well respected man in Africa, so much that when he died, his remains were buried in Warri, a city in southern Nigeria.

Tour 2019

Atlanta, Georgia

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Tallahassee, Florida

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Orlando Florida

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South Carolina

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North Carolina

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New York

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ARTIST Latest Videos

MrWalkinLick - Splashing On Purpose INSTRUMENTAL (PRODUCE BY JTK)

MrWalkinLick - SPLASHING ON PURPOSE (Lyrics)

Video Name

MrWalkinLick - Splashing On Purpose INSTRUMENTAL (PRODUCE BY JTK) MrWalkinLick - SPLASHING ON PURPOSE (Lyrics) Video Name

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